The magic curtain!

Curtains come in a variety of shapes, materials, sizes, colours and patterns and possess a huge transformative power. For many furnishing windows present itself as a very demanding process and one of the most frustrating aspects of decorating but drapery aficionados will tell you that curtains combine function and beauty and that every window needs a little dressing.

The not so fleeting impact of home fragrance

The art of perfuming your home is as important as the art of furnishing.  Aromas create emotional responses and through scents we recall events, people and surroundings.  The impact of scents is not to be underestimated and is such that unpleasant memories of smell can very often cause negative emotional responses.  

Touch wood

Is there any person on the planet who doesn’t go into raptures at the sight and touch of wood furniture, its warmth, softness and the uniqueness of each piece?

Pinch of imperfection

Great looking interiors sometimes don’t feel so great to live in because they lack the pinch of imperfection, intimacy and asperity and do not represent our individual taste and habits.